If you fancy eating a great dessert, Papa's Donuteria is the best place in the city to go to. Here you not only eat the most delicious donuts ever, but you also witness the cooking process. The donuts are fresh and tasty all the time due to the devoted and skilled employees. Get a free training tour at Papa's Donuteria and find out the cooking secrets of making the best doughnuts. The order station is where the miracle begins. The tickets with the oders of the customers are passed to the dough station where the donuts are made. The dough is shaped with ring or round cutters, then the resulting donuts are fried at the fry station. The icing and topping decorations are applied at the build station. Chocolate or strawberry icing and syrup, clear glaze, powdered sugar, candy sprinkles, blue moon drizzle, chocolate chips are just a few of the yummy delicacies used for decorating. What donuts do you fancy eating today at Papa's Donuteria? Enjoy playing our hot new cooking game!