Papa's Cupcakeria is open for business. Each employee gets a professional training which includes delivering great custumer service and learning to bake the most delicious cupcakes on the planet. Copy the customer's order correctly on a ticket. Process the order at the batter station. Choose the cake batter the customer ordered and fill up the cupcake cups with it. Bake the cupcake tray in the oven. This cooking step happens in the bake station. The cupcakes are ready for decorating now, so move on to the build station where you find all the toppings you need. Frosting, chocolate syrup, rainbow candy sprinkles, chocolate chips and fresh cherries are just a few of the ingredients used at Papa's Cupcakeria to decorate the tasty cupcakes with. Make lots of yummy cupcakes at Papa's Cupcakeria playing this hot new cooking game! Enjoy!