Are you in the mood for a juicy burger? Papa's Burgeria is the right place to eat the best cheeseburgers and hamburgers. Have a unique burger making tour at Papa's Burgeria restaurant. Here you can prepare lots of burger recipes depending on the orders of the customers. Cook the burger meat on the grill as requested on the order ticket. Make sure you don't burn it. Place the cooked meat on a burger bun bottom, adding cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato slices and the bun top. Continue with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or BBQ sauce. These ingredients and toppings can be combined in lots of burger dishes. French fries and juice or soda are the perfect side orders. You have successfully completed your training at Papa's Burgeria. Take care of the incoming clients cooking the most delicious food they ever ate. Enjoy playing our awesome new cooking game!