Natalie is going out for cycling. The weather is perfect for a walk in the park and a bike ride sounds like a fabulous idea. Her bffs will join her in just a few minutes and Natalie is not dressed up yet. She does not know what clothes to wear or which one of her fancy bikes to take out for cycling. Help her make up her mind faster, selecting the fashion items for her her. She wants to look chic and fashionable in a casual outfit. How about a sport look, picking a tracksuit and trainers? She can wear a t-shirt, sweatshirt and sport trousers instead. A printed top matched with a chic sport jacket, ripped denim jeans and platform shoes or booties is another fantastic dress up alternative. How about a pair of shorts or a blouse and denim overall combination? Don't forget the fancy sport cap or sunglasses either. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new Out for Cycling dress up game for girls!