Internet, gadgets and video games have invaded our homes, but they have not managed to corrupt these two bffs yet. The girls still play old school games like poker, monopoly, dice throwing, chess, puzzle games and crossword puzzles. Dress up the cute old school gamer girls in comfy casual outfits and pick the game they will play today. A pretty dress or a chic teen t-shirt matched with skinny jeans or skirt, flat shoes, sandals or trainers, leggings or socks and studs will solve this fashion dress up puzzle. They are having a great time playing their old school games and they can't be bothered dressing up in a fashionable manner. Be their fashion stylist and design trendy cool attires which they can wear at home. If you go for a more elegant and stylish look, a pearl necklace and bracelet can make the difference. Enjoy playing this brand new dress up game for girls!