Frozen princess Elsa is worried about her snowman friend and companion Olaf. He has been feeling dizzy lately and could not recognize her a couple of times due to some blurry eyesight episodes. He had troubles finding his way home and got lost in the icy cold forest once. Olaf needs an eye exam and you are the only doctor in the Frozen kingdom who can do it for him. Find out what bothers the cute snowman's vision, making it blurry and foggy. Clean his eyes with a special magic spray and perform a manual and computerized eye check up. If Olaf does not pass the letter recognition and color blind tests, he will need to start wearing glasses. A pair of black rimmed hipster glasses are trendy, fashionable and perfect for his face shape. Make a frame selection to get the correct lenses sizes. Cutting his long eyelashes might be of help as well. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new surgery game!