It is Ariel's time to get a Now and Then Sweet Sixteen makeover! Dress up Disney princess Ariel for her fab sweet sixteen birthday party in now and then outfits. Find the perfect fairytale and modern princess dresses having a dress fitting with the cute mermaid. Will she look prettier in a now or then attire? Make your choice or combine both styles in a totally awesome new look. The classic Disney princess gowns are exquisite and they fit her wonderfully. Have a glance at the modern princess dresses next and match them with shoes and studs. That strapless blue mermaid style dress with pink ruffles on the bottom is gorgeous, being a stunning dress up choice for Ariel's sweet sixteen party. So is the pink mini gown. Go for a fusion of vintage and contemporary and see what you come up with. Have a smashing time playing our hot new dress up game for girls!