This office girl is going out with the girls this weekend. They have planned a fabulous Saturday night in the club dancing, gossiping and flirting with dudes. She wants to look smashing from head to toe. She is going to the hair salon first to get an elegant nightclub hairdo and to the beauty spa salon next to get a skin care treatment. Last but not least, she must pay a visit to the nail salon to get a spectacular nightclub manicure. Be her manicurist and take care of her nails decorating them with the trendiest nail polish colors and patterns. A hot red manicure or an extravagant nails design will surely attract attention. You can also accessorize her manicure with the clothes and accessories she will wear. A wrist tattoo or a glam bracelet can make a fashion statement. Give the office girl a fashionista clubbing makeover playing this new nails game! Enjoy!