Neon bathing suits are the must have dress up trend of the summer. One piece and two pieces neon bathing suits should be worn at the beach or swimming pool. Check out a few fashionable designs that you can color as you wish. Select the bathing suit and decorate it with stunning neon hues. Try it on and add matching beach accessories like shoes, hat, sunglasses, jewels and scarves. Get ready for beach shaving or waxing the unwanted body hair on legs and armpits. Shaving is faster as all you need is a razor blade, shaving cream and water. Prep for the summer vacation wearing the trendiest neon bathing suits and a perfect skin complexion. A facial beauty treatment makes wonders for skin before and after a beach day. Pamper your legs with a professional shaving session following the proper steps to obtain hairless and super smooth legs. Finish the facial beauty makeover applying a sun block lotion all over face and body. Have fun playing our brand new facial beauty game!