Have you heard the latest fashion news, ladies? Candy designs are the new must have nail trends! Look fabulous and trendy this season with a candy manicure. This nail studio has amazing manicure tips which will make your nails look sensational. Wear the new trend at the beach, in the club, on the street, at the mall, at work, at school, at a wedding or prom party. Get rid of your old and out of fashion nail polish colors and replace them with colorful new ones. Follow our professional salon manicure steps. Use clipper, file, cuticle oil and straightening lotion to take care of your nails. When the manicure session is finished, have a look at our fashionable colors and patterns, mixing them in lots of colorful candy designs. Choose a plain nail polish color and apply a rainbow print, heart gemstone or butterfly design on top. Have a wonderful time playing our awesome new nails game!