It's every country girl's dream to become a New Yorker one day and to move to one of the most famous places in the world: Manhattan. Manhattan is a fashion capital, a place that never sleeps, a place where anyone can become someone. Still, moving to Manhattan is not easy, especially when you were born and raised in the countryside and a ponytail with a scrunchie is the closest you ever got to a fashionable hairdo. Moving to Manhattan requires a complete makeover and a series of complex facial beauty routines that will turn a simple country girl into a true Manhattan diva, just like all those fashionable Upper East siders. Our young girl got into NYU and the first time she set foot in Manhattan she felt like an alien and thought she can never go back unless she looks, walks and talks like a New Yorker. Help her become who she wants and make sure moving to Manhattan is not as hard as she thought it would be.