Lots of babies have been born recently in Monster High and the day care center needs your babysitter skills to take care of them. This cute Draculaura baby girl is having her nap now but you must wake her up to change her diaper. Caress the little monster girl to wake her up, then do the standard diaper changing procedure. Remove the used diaper, clean up the area and place a new one instead. Don't worry if you don't have any experience! Repeat the steps a couple of times and it will be piece of cake afterwards. Now that the Monster High baby had her nap, she is ready for some playtime. Dress up the baby in a cute outfit and have fun playing with the numerous toys spread around the floor. Fetch her the wanted toy and supervise her while she plays with it. Do your best to keep the little Draculaura happy while you babysit her. Have a great time playing our brand new baby game!