Be a sophisticated modern rococo girl playing this fabulous dress up game called Modern Rococo, ladies! Rococo is a Baroque fashion style from the 18th century Paris. Now this vintage fashion style has been upgraded in accordance with the modern times into a modern rococo. Modern rococo is feminine, sophisticated, elegant and refined. Modern rococo clothes are a combination of prints and lots of bows. Discover the modern rococo style playing Modern Rococo dress up game and dress up the top model in stunning and daring modern rococo dresses, bustiers, tops, skirts and stockings. Accessorize your modern rococo designs with fancy gloves, high heeled shoes and boots, glam jewelries and rococo royal hats. The modern rococo hairstyle is curly and wavy, with a natural look. Turn into a modern rococo diva and make a fashion statement with your fancy modern rococo attires. Enjoy!