The fashion industry constantly looks for new modeling faces. The second model mania contest is about to begin and lots of teen girls aspire to be the next top model. These three bffs are among them. Which girl will win this time? Striking the best pose is not enough for a catwalk model. Attitude and outfits make the difference. Model Mania 2 has new fashion challenges for the wannabe runway models. The girls must first shop for the perfect prom, mall, gym, date and concert outfits. Then they must present them in front of the jury. Go through each dress up challenge shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories within the given budget. Design the most glamorous prom queen attire. Try a more relaxed casual chic look for the mall dress up challenge. Get inspired from the latest sport fashion collections for the gym outfit. What does a model wear on a date or at a concert? Have fun playing our hot new dress up game!