I haven't eaten a tart for a while now and today I asked my mom to prepare one for me. I am a big fan of nuts, so today my mom is going to prepare a tasty mixed nut tart and I am going to help her out. Wanna have a fabulous time with me and my mom while we make this delicious dessert? This way you can learn how to make this great new dessert. Write down the ingredients and the cooking directions, so that you and your mother can also have fun cooking this yummy recipe in your own kitchen. We need flour, eggs and milk to make the dough, which we place in a tart tray and bake in the oven. In the mean time, we prepare the mixture which will fill up the tray, melting sugar, butter, cream and mixed nuts in a frying pan. We place the mixture on top of the baked dough and we add salt. It looks delicious and after a few more minutes of baking in the oven, it will smell divine as well. Have a great time playing this new cooking game!