Girls like to take care of their nails and do their manicure and pedicure. Becoming a talented nail artist requires lots of practice and what better way to start than with your own nails, girls! Have you ever thought of getting glamorous nails worthy of a beauty queen diva? How about some diamonds nails to show off your diamond and gold ring and your fancy tattoo? And here comes the awesome news, girls! You don't have to take part into a Miss Diamonds beauty show and be crowned the queen of them all to wear Miss Diamonds nails each day of your life! Give your nails the glamour and glitter of diamonds and get fancy Miss Diamonds nails playing Miss Diamonds Nails Prep make up game! Learn how to get a blinking diamonds effect on your manicure following the manicure and nails design steps in Miss Diamonds Nails Prep make up game! First cut the nails with the nail clippers to give them a nice shape, then clean your hands with hand cleaner and water, apply cuticle balm on your nails and polish them for a shiny and smooth look. Now that the manicure is done, you are ready to apply the nail polish colors, prints and precious diamonds gems on the nails. Create lots of funky and sophisticated nail designs combining the nail colors with nail patterns and nail gems. Once the dazzling diamonds nails are done, put a diamond ring on the finger and a cool tattoo on the hand, which will make you the queen of nail designs! Enjoy Miss Diamonds Nails Prep make up game!