Minnie Mouse has a fabulous recipe she wants to share with you, kids! The popular Disney character loves cooking and she makes amazingly tasting desserts. How do you think she managed to charm Mickey Mouse? He absolutely fell in love with her delicious cakes and pies. Minnie wants to surprise him with a new recipe today. She is making polka dots cookies right now and she wants you to help her out. Be Minnie's assistant and mix the ingredients she points out to in the given order. Blend butter, sugar, flour to make the dough, which then you must flatten with a kitchen rolling pin. Make heart shapes out of it and bake them in the oven. Next she will show you how to decorate the freshly baked cookies with cute polka dots. Top them up with red icing and then use white icing dots to complete the decorating process. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new cooking game!