This cute minion guy has been having vision problems lately and he needs an eye check up exam. Accompany him to the ophthalmologist's cabinet and help the doctor run a series of tests to find and treat the bad sight issue. Place the minion on the doctor's chair and start the eye care exam pouring some drops to clean up the area. Perform a short vision test and a color blind test. A manual exam is also required to choose the size of the lenses, as well as a computerized eye check up. Use direct ophthalmoscopes and laser application to complete the examination. The doctor will read the results and will recommend the minion a frame selection of glasses to take care of his vision and restore his clear sight. He needs a pair of trendy geek chic or hipster style glasses and he wants you to pick them. Choose the fanciest glasses and make the minion look fashionable. Have fun playing this brand new surgery game!