Mia is cooking a new wedding cake recipe. She needs your help to find the cooking tools and ingredients in her fancy kitchen. It is the first time she bakes this wedding cake, so she is a bit nervous about the outcome. All is well that ends well though. Check the kitchen for unsalted butter, sugar, vanilla powder, salt, eggs, flour, yogurt, milk and vanilla buttercream. Prepare the cake batter mixing the ingredients according to the recipe cooking instructions. Pour the mix in a round tin previously greased and with non stick baking paper applied on the base and sides. Bake the composition in the oven until well risen and golden. Decorate the cake layers with white vanilla buttercream and other wedding ornaments. You have done a very good job cooking the delicious dessert with Mia. Check out more cake recipes playing Baby Barbie Cake Shop and Baby Barbie Cake Surprise! Have a blast!