Mia is cooking this evening for her friends. She has invited them over for dinner. She wanted to prepare something fancy but unexpected business occupied lots of her time and now she has not much left until they knock on her door. She did not even go to the supermarket to buy the necessary ingredients. Having a glance at her kitchen, she decided to use whatever she had available in there. What can Mia make with flour, salt, baking powder, butter, two eggs and milk? Well she can cook a pizza dough with the above ingredients. Let's see what else she has in the fridge and cabinets? Mia spotted some cheddar cheese, tomatoes, tomato ketchup, olive oil, red pepper, sausage and onions. It is all settled then! She is cooking a fabulous pizza for her friends. She has the perfect pizza toppings which go perfectly on the dough. Have a blast playing our newest cooking game!