Kelly is going out with the girls tonight. She needs her hair and manicure done, then she must go shopping for an elegant party dress. The hair and nails salon appointment is in one hour, so she has time to eat her lunch before leaving home. Being distracted by her thoughts, Kelly cut her finger with the knife. The injury is quite deep and it's bleeding a lot. She cannot go like that to the beauty salon. Help her clean the finger injury and stop the blood loss. Use stitches to close the wound and apply a healing cream before placing a sterile bandage. Wear medical gloves during this time and make sure the area does not get infected. The cut can barely be noticed now and Kelly is happy she can do her manicure after all. What nail polish colors and patterns do you fancy? How should she decorate her nails for her girls' night out? Have a great time playing our brand new nails game!