I have invited my friends over this afternoon and I want to cook a shoofly pie for them. I love making desserts and I have already prepared some cupcakes and a yummy cake with my mom's help. The shoofly pie is going to be my piece of resistance and it must come out perfectly looking and tasting. Be my chef assistant and help me cook this delicious dessert. Except my mom, nobody else knows my secret recipe and my friends have been begging me for it. You will be the third person to cook my fabulous pie dessert. How awesome is that? Hand me the ingredients in the order shown and let's have a great time baking this delicacy. First, we have to mix flour with almonds, salt, sugar, butter and water to make the dough. We roll the dough with a rolling pin and place it in a shaped container. Then we prepare the filling mixture using eggs, chocolate syrup, cinnamon, baking soda and water. After the dessert is baked, I usually serve the slices with a few raspberries on the side. Enjoy playing this new cooking game!