Do you like eating beef meat? Let's cook a tasty beef dish recipe today called beef bourguignon. Play Make Beef Bourguignon cooking game and find out how to make a delicious beef bourguignon. Are you ready for this amazing online cooking class? Let's begin, shall we? To make beef bourguignon, we need beef fried in a pan with cooking oil. After the beef slices are fried, we have to prepare the beef bourguignon sauce. We mix chopped onions with garlic, flour, parsley and red wine in a frying pan. Once the mixture is done, we place it in a pot together with the beef and we place it in the oven to cook. In the meantime, we make the side order to the beef bourguignon, frying some onion with red wine, then some mushrooms and sliced bacon. Practice your cooking skills and enrich your cooking recipe with this fancy new dish called beef bourguignon. Enjoy playing Make Beef Bourguignon cooking game!