Check out this new and awesome cake recipe called Love Rainbow Cake and learn how to make a delicious and colorful love rainbow cake. Play Love Rainbow Cake cooking game and cook a tasty love rainbow cake, which you can enjoy with your loved ones as dessert or as a birthday cake. Do you like the rainbow colors? How about making a love rainbow cake then? Pay attention to the ingredients needed in cooking the love rainbow cake and make sure you mix them correctly just in the cooking directions presented in this online cooking game. To make love rainbow cake, we need to add butter and sugar in a bowl, which we mix using an electric whisk. We also need two eggs, vanilla, flour, baking powder, baking soda, buttermilk and food coloring essences like red, yellow, purple, green, pink and blue. Play Love Rainbow Cake cooking game and learn how to make the colorful layers of the love rainbow cake. Have fun!