Have you heard of the lollipop land, girls? Well, it is a far away kingdom where everything is made out of candies, chocolate, ice cream, fudge and sweets. It is the place where any kid would feel at home surrounded by all these delicacies. Like Barbie in Candyland, the newest dress up game for girls just released by www.egirlgames.net, lollipop land is ruled by a pretty princess. She watches over her kingdom and makes sure everything is ok. She is about to go for a stroll and she needs your help to make herself beautiful and fashionable. Give the cute princess a colorful candy makeover, starting with a facial beauty session and continuing with a hair care treatment. Wax her mustache, pluck and wax her eyebrows, get rid of her face acne and use fake eyelashes. Prepare her hair for styling washing and hydrating it. Dress her up in a colorful princess outfit and make up. Enjoy playing this hot new facial beauty game!