Have you ever tried making cupcakes in the shape of a car? Well, Lightning McQueen has a fantastic cupcakes recipe which will make your small cakes resemble cars. How awesome is that, girls? Whenever Lightning McQueen visits his grandma, she bakes his favorite dessert especially for him. Today is a special day for him and it must be celebrated accordingly. Get ready for a fabulous cooking glass and have lots of fun mixing the various ingredients included in this brand new recipe. Prepare the batter mixture, combining flour, cocoa, cream, baking powder, baking soda and a sprinkle of salt. Add a few more ingredients to complete the process. Fill up the paper cups with the resulting batter and bake the small brown cakes in the oven. Decorate them with red frosting and find out how to complete the rest of the decorating process, so that in the end your cupcakes will look just like cute little cars. Have a wonderful time playing this brand new cooking game!