Do you have a favorite female school teacher? Do you like how your teacher dresses at school? Play last minute makeover teacher facial beauty game and give this young female teacher a fabulous last minute makeover. Show your teacher your amazing beauty, hair, make up and fashion stylist skills and give the teacher a trendy and fashionable teacher look for the new school year. Give this teacher a last minute makeover and dress her up like you would want your favorite school teacher to look like at school. Start the last minute makeover with a facial beauty treatment, which this school teacher desperately needs as she has lots of zits on her face. Use daily face wash, face mask, steamer, zit extractor, zit concealer and face cream. Give the teacher's eyebrows a pretty shape, getting rid of the unwanted hair using tweezers. Dress up the teacher in stylish chic dresses, tops and bottom, designing lots of outfits which this teacher will wear in the new school term. Have fun playing last minute makeover teacher facial beauty game!