Rachel has worked hard to become a junior lawyer at a well known Manhattan law firm. She is taking her job very seriously and she wants to become a successful career girl. Her goal is to be a law firm associate one day, not just a regular employee. Today Rachel is having an important trial which begins in a couple of hours and she needs a last minute makeover. She is prepared from the professional point of view and she wants to be prepared with a fabulous outfit as well, to make a great fashion impression. Treat her skin acne with a facial beauty treatment. Use facial cleanser, face mask, zit extractor, spot cream and face moisturizer. Remove all pimples and make her face flawless. Pluck her messy eyebrows and give them a pretty shape. Do her make up and hairstyle, then pick an elegant and stylish lawyer outfit for Rachel to wear today. Have a great time playing this brand new Last Minute Makeover Lawyer facial beauty game!