Ashley is the captain of the cheerleader squad at her college. She is popular, good looking and her boyfriend is the most popular dude in the campus. Her only problem is a skin acne which bothers her now and then. She does not get out of her dorm room when this happens, but today her team is having an important cheer leading contest and she cannot miss. The only thing that can save her is a facial beauty treatment. Give the cute cheerleader a last minute makeover and make her skin flawless again. Apply facial cleanser, mask, serum, zit corrector and moisturizing cream on her face. Pluck her eyebrows and use a zit extractor to remove the pimples. Now she is beautiful again and she can concentrate on winning the contest. Continue the last minute makeover dressing Ashley up in a trendy chic cheerleader outfits. Do her make up and hair and hair as well. Enjoy playing this brand new facial beauty game, ladies!