Welcome to this pastry salon specialized in making fabulous and delicious wedding cakes! We just received a last minute order for a gorgeous Kawaii wedding cake, which must be prepared by tonight. The big event is tomorrow and the newly wedded bride and groom expect something spectacular from our pastry shop. Can you give us a helping hand at granting their wish? Let's create a spectacular pastry delight to sweeten up the Kawaii bride and groom. Choose between the various ingredients and see what you come up with. The future husband and wife want either a vanilla flavored delight or a chocolate delicacy. Do you prefer strawberries or cream, icing sugar or lemon for your vanilla choice? If you decide to make a chocolate wedding cake, you can use milk or mint toppings. How about a thematic figurine for the top of your pastry product, like cute, lovely, zombie, kissing or happy couple? Enjoy this new cooking game!