What's up, Justin Bieber fans? The popular American singer is back after a leave of absence. He has a new hit song for you, girls! He cannot sing it properly though due to a troublesome nose infection. The life of a pop star is not always milk and honey. Celebrities have health problems just like us. Justin does not want to disappoint his fans by not showing up at his next concert, so he must be treated for his infection. As the singer's doctor, your task is to track down the cause and kill it using the proper surgical tools. Open up the Justin Bieber's nostrils to have a better view. Clean and disinfect the nose areas which require your doctor attention. Remove any hair locks that stand in the way of your medical utensils. Get rid of the infection using surgical laser and other devices. Make those ugly red spots disappear as well. The teen star will surely appreciate your help and he wants to surprise you with a VIP pass at his show. Have a great time playing our brand new surgery game!