Welcome to Jimmy's restaurant, where you can eat lots of tasty food inspired from various international cuisines. Today the restaurant's special menu is Jimmy's famous Mexican pizza. The cook himself is going to prepare this delicious pizza in front of his restaurant clients. He often does this kind of open house cooking classes to attract more and more people in his restaurant and it seems to be working. This is going to be a spicy delicacy as we all know Mexican food has this feature of being quite spicy. Our chef cook needs an assistant to help him purchase and prepare the ingredients. Wanna be his chef assistant and have a great time with the cook while making this tasty new recipe? First you have to buy the ingredients he tells you from the supermarket. Then you have to cut the vegetables into slices using a kitchen knife. Cut the onion, the green pepper, the green lettuce and the tomato. Pour shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, jack cheese and fried beans in separate bowls. You also need to prepare the dough and to fry some ground beef meat in a pan. Get all the recipe playing this new cooking game!