This pretty girl lives in Japan and she wears stylish and elegant Japanese kimonos and accessories every day. She looks beautiful in her modern dresses, tops and skirts, which she likes to combine with traditional accessories like fans, chains, earrings and shoes. Today she is going shopping at the local market and she needs a fashionable outfit to wear. There are lovely long and mini dresses in her wardrobe, as well as trendy floral printed tops, skirts and pants. Can you help her put together a trendy Japanese style attire? Design various attire alternatives before choosing the best looking one. Accessorize each dress with a chic fan, purse or lantern, sandals or flats and a cute hairstyle. If you choose a top, match it with the right skirt or trousers. Use your great fashion stylist skills to design lots of fashionable outfits for the Japanese girl. Have fun playing this fabulous dress up game for girls!