Going to a spa salon to get a facial beauty treatment is not always cheep or at hand, is it, girls? A homemade face mask can be of great help in such cases. Learn some awesome homemade beauty secrets which allow you to prepare various facial masks at home. For example, mix yogurt, honey and goji berries in a bowl with a blender and you have a fabulous exfoliating mask. Or you can mix papaya juice, olive oil and green tea powder to make a moisturizing mask. Before using these two masks, you should start with a cleansing cream or mask. Give this girl a homemade facial treatment and use the above mentioned masks in the correct order. Wax her eyebrows as well before moving on to the make up and dress up session. Dress up the girl in a girly chic dress, hairstyle and accessories for a fun day out with the girls. They are going to the pastry shop for a fabulous girl gossip and she needs a street casual outfit. Have fun playing this hot new facial beauty game!