This beautiful woman has brand new high waisted shorts in her closet and she has just read in a fashion magazine that this fashion article is the new trend of this season. High waisted shorts go perfectly with a stylish silk shirt or a chic t-shirts and high heeled sandals. Having a look in her closet, she spotted various tops, footwear and accessories which might fit the profile. Help the girl find the perfect top for each of her elegant bottoms by matching each pair of shorts with the right top, t-shirt or shirt. You can accessorize your outfits with a blazer or a jacket, a trendy clutch or polka dots bag, a pair of heels and silver jewelries. Try various alternative outfits for each elegant bottom and then pick the most successful combinations. Accessorize her elegant hairdos with a fancy bow or hat. Have fun playing this fashionable dress up game, ladies!