Hello Kitty has a brand new recipe for you at the end of which you learn to make delicious choc chip jelly muffins. Are you eager to start this fun cooking lesson with the cute kitty? Help her mix the ingredients and follow her cooking directions. Mix flour with sugar, melted butter, oil, milk and chocolate chips to make the dough. In anther bowl make the jelly mixture, mixing the respective ingredient with water. Fill up the muffin paper cups with the dough mixture and bake them in the oven. Take them out from the oven when they are done baking and cut the top with a knife to fill it up with the jelly mixture. Hello Kitty is very pleased with your hard work and she invites you to her tea party where you get to eat her tasty choc chip muffins over a cup of tea and some girl chatting. Have a great time playing this new cooking game!