Hey, girly girls! Welcome to a new and exciting online cooking class! Today we learn how to make delicious Hello Kitty donut muffins. How awesome is that? If you are fans of Hello Kitty dolls, clothes, accessories, toys and decorations, this yummy recipe is a must have. For those not bothered by this brand frenzy, you cannot miss the chance of making such a fabulous dessert. It will surely be worth your while and you will not only have a fun cooking time, but you will also come up with the most delicious donut muffins you ever tasted. We need a few bowls to put the ingredients in. We need sugar, milk, margarine, powdered nutmeg, flour and baking powder to make the dough. Then we must prepare the cupcake tray for baking. After we fill the decorative forms with the dough, we bake them in the oven. Then we dip the muffins in melted margarine and cinnamon mix to give them flavor. Have fun playing this new cooking game!