Harry Styles is one of the five members of the British boy band phenomenon called Oned Direction. The band is experiencing a fabulous success at the moment, having lots of fans world wide. They boys are touring the globe to promote their new music album and they want to look their best when they show up in front of the fans. Be the fashion stylist of handsome Harry Styles from One Direction and design his stage and off stage teen outfits. The boys fancy the hipster style, which is very much in trend at the moment. Give Harry a hot male hipster look matching his trendy tops with the right trousers, men's shoes and accessories. He also has fashionable men's costumes which will look great on him. Dress him up in a stylish smart casual bow tie suit or in a casual chic hipster t-shirt, jacket and pants. He also likes wearing comfy sport sweatshirts and pants. Have a great time playing this brand new celebrity dress up game!