Eating too many sweets can get you sick! Halloween is the holiday most loved by children due to the funny costumes they wear and the popular trick or treat tradition. Having a sugar rush is very common with kids during this day. What should you do if you have a sudden sugar rush? Call an ambulance dialing 911 and go to the hospital. This cute girl just had a sugar rush and she needs your medical attention. Take her blood pressure first. Clean up her stomach and apply a perfusion. Hydrate the baby girl with lots of water to make the effect go away. She will be more careful this Halloween eating chocolate and candies with moderation. Now that she feels much better, she must prepare for going trick or treating. Can you do her make up and dress her up in a super cute Halloween costume? Which outfit should she wear this year? A pink Alice in Wonderland dress will look amazing on her? She fancies a witch or pumpkin costume as well. Have a great time playing our brand new baby game!