Have you decided what Halloween costume are you wearing this year for trick or treat? Is it a princess, witch, super hero, bunny or monster outfit? There is still time to make your final dress up decision. How about you cook the most delicious Halloween cupcakes in the meantime? Exercise your baking skills while cooking our fabulous scary yummy dessert. Begin the fun culinary adventure mixing flour, salt, baking powder and milk in a large scary pumpkin bowl usin an electric mixer. Add two eggs and vanilla extract to complete the batter making. Pour the batter mixture in paper cups placed in a special tray. Bake the cupcakes in the oven, then decorate them with Halloween pumpkin heads. Use chocolate frosting as the first layer on top of which add orange fondant in the shape of Jack O' Lantern pumpkin face. The tasty cupcakes are ready to be devoured by your trick or treat guests. Have fun playing our brand new cooking game!