Once a month Phoebe visits her favorite spa salon to get a complete hair and beauty makeover. This spa salon has all the services she needs, so that in just one visit she takes care of her entire look. Today Phoebe is having a hair shine treatment, a facial beauty treatment, eyebrows plucking and a make up session. While the hair care treatment works its magic underneath that bath towel covering her head, apply various skin cosmetic masks and creams on Phoebe's face for a smooth and fresh look. Use cucumber or kiwi slices on her eyes to remove their wrinkled or fatigue effect. At the end of this spa makeover do her make up using professional salon lipstick, mascara, foundation, rouge and eye shadow. She will look gorgeous with her new shiny looking hairstyle, flawless looking skin and celebrity make up. Enjoy playing this brand new facial beauty game!