We all have our favorite food. Some like eating Chinese food, some fast food, others meat or a vegetarian diet. Lucy is crazy about grilled cheese and every time she discovers a new recipe, she tries it in her kitchen. She has a brand new grilled cheese recipe which she is making right now. Give her a helping hand following her cooking instructions. Take a long loaf of bread and cut it into slices. When you are done with the bread, continue by cutting chive, sausage and cucumber. Spread tomato pasta on the pieces of loaf and make sandwiches with each two slices. Place the sliced cheese inside each sandwich and add chive, sausage and cucumber on top. Once the sandwiches are prepared, fry them in a pan to obtain a grilled crust. You can eat the sandwiches without frying them as well. This is a very easy to make recipe which takes only a few minutes to prepare. It is perfect when you are hungry and there is nothing else in the fridge to eat. Enjoy playing this brand new cooking game!