What day is it today, girls? Is it Friday by any chance? Of course it's Friday and it's time for a girls' night out, a night of fun, dancing, socializing with your bffs and a night to remember. Friday night and the girls' night out is my favorite time of the week and my girl friends and I usually start the night very early at one of our houses. We get together and the first thing we do is give each other awesome makeovers and prepare fruit cocktails to give us energy during the night. We start with some facial beauty treatments while we listen to some music and then we do each other's hair, nails and start planning our outfits for the night. My two girlfriends and I would like you to join us tonight and we promise we'll have lots of fun together. This girls' night out will be one to remember and we must remember to pack our camera and take some pics, girls! Have fun playing this girls' night out makeover game!