Ghoulia Yelps cannot take it anymore. She desperately needs your dentist skills to treat her terrible toothache. The Monster High ghoul doll tossed and turned last night and could not sleep at all due to the excruciating pain. Be her dentist and take care of her bad teeth. Ghoulia Yelps has lots of dental hygiene problems. The toothache is caused by a deep carie and it will go away only if that damaged tooth is removed. Work your magic and make the Monster High diva happy again. Clean her teeth well with tooth paste and tooth brush. Use the proper tools to remove all caries, plague and stains. Pull out the necessary bad teeth and replace them with healthy new ones. Give Ghoulia Yelps a perfect white smile worthy of a true Monster High fashionista like her. She will greatly appreciate your help and the sooner she gets better, the faster she can resume her school classes. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new dentist game!