I feel like eating a yummy cherry pie today. I don't want to buy it from the supermarket, but rather cook it at home and enjoy it with my family. I have a great cherry pie recipe which makes a fabulous mouth watering dessert. This recipe is a must have in your cooking notebook, girls! Get ready to have lots of fun cooking this brand new delicacy. Help me mix the flour with sugar, salt, water and butter to make the dough. Cut the dough in two halves and place them in different bowls. For the filling we need cherries mixed with sugar, corn starch, salt and almond essence. This mixture must be left to stay for half an hour. One dough half must be rolled up with a rolling pin and place in a tray, then the filling is added and the other dough half is cut into stripes to cover the top of the cherry pie. Place the dessert in the oven to bake for one hour. You can serve it hot or cold, like this or with different toppings. It is the perfect weekend dessert. Have fun playing this brand new cooking game!