Today our cooking chef will show you how to make tasty French onion soup. Soup should be a daily dish in our diet and the more soup recipes you know, the better it is for your stomach. Enrich your cooking skills with this French onion soup recipe. To make French onion soup, you need sliced onions, seasoned toast, butter, salt, pepper, sherry wine, grated cheese and a couple of secret ingredients. You have to play the French onion soup cooking game from beginning to end to learn all the cooking steps and ingredients necessary in making a well done French onion soup. Hydrate your body this summer with French onion soup for the whole family. This is a soup recipe from the French cuisine, but anybody can make it at home, as it is easy and fast to prepare. Have fun playing French onion soup cooking game and practice your cooking skills playing the most popular cooking games only on! Bon appetit!