My favorite type of meat is fish and today I want to share with you my secret fish sticks recipe. Cooking is one of my hobbies and I love spending time in the kitchen with my mom, inventing new dishes and desserts. I wanna be a master chef when I grow up and open up my own restaurant where the main menu attraction will be my secret recipe, of course. Until my dream comes true, I practice my cooking skills preparing food, cakes and sundaes for my family and friends. I am throwing a party tonight and I have a couple of guests coming over. Help me prepare my tasty sticks while enjoying a bit of spicy gossip as well. Pour the water on the loaf and separate the fillet from the bones and skin. Gather the ingredients for the fish mince, then make the sticks, which must be covered in egg and bread crumbs. Once this process is completed, they are next fried in a heated frying pan. Serve them with ketchup and a few slices of tomatoes and green pepper. Chips can be used as side order. Have fun playing our brand new cooking game!