Hey, girls! I have a fantastic fish and chips recipe which I want to share with you. You have never tasted something more delicious, I assure you! This is better than the traditional fast food recipe and it will make you lick your finger for sure. I like using two fish fillets, which I dip in a special batter and serve with a fabulous side yogurt dip. Help me prepare this recipe right now, mixing the yogurt dip ingredients first. Combine yogurt with chopped chives, parsley, lemon rind and capers. For the batter use flour, two egg whites, black pepper, salt and butter. Cut a few potatoes in thin strips and bake them in the oven to make the chips. Cut the fillets into smaller pieces as well before dipping them in the batter mixture and frying them in olive oil. Serve the fish and chips with parsley, lemon wedges, salad and yogurt dip. This dish is a great lunch, brunch, dinner or party food alternative. Enjoy playing our brand new cooking game!