Baby Sophia is a pretty little princess who lives a fabulous fairytale life. Her mom is taking Sophia to her first royal ball, so you can imagine how nervous and excited the little girl is. She wants to look pretty for her first ball appearance. Making a good impression and wearing the most beautiful outfit have been her priority concerns as of late. Prepare the baby princess and her young mom for a fabulous ball night giving them an exquisite and glamorous look. Begin the makeover with hair styling and make up, then move on to dressing them up. Have a glance at the gorgeous gowns hiding in the girls' closets and have a fun dress fitting session to find the perfect dress. Which design and color suit Sophia the most? Dress up the girls in the most ravishing princess dresses, shoes, diamond jewels, gloves and fans. Don't forget the sparkling gold tiaras! Enjoy playing our brand new dress up game, ladies!