When you're a real fashionista, you need to work hard to keep up with all the new trends in fashion, hairdo, shoes and cosmetics because if you don't, you might just be excluded from the real fashionistas club. No real fashionista would walk out the door with a bad hairdo or with a wrinkled shirt and our fashionista respects the rules like her life depended on it. She gets a makeover every week and Friday is her makeover day because she wants to look flawless for the weekend. Our fashionista wants to invite each and every girl to join her while she gets her makeover today and perhaps she can teach you a few things about what it means to be a real fashionista. Just stir your curiosity, our fashionista wants to let you know that she gets to go shopping every week and she only wears clothes that are preapproved by fashion magazines. Have fun during this makeover, girls and then become fashionistas yourself!